About the Author


Hi Readers,

I am James Woods, but all my friends call me Jim and I invite you to do the same. This blog has been created as an author site to allow readers to read my stories, essays and other writings and to comment upon them. The only thing I ask is that you keep your comments relative and constructive, because they will allow me to use constructive criticism to improve my writing.

At 63 years old you might think it s a bit late in life to become an author but, in some ways, I have been telling and writing stories all of my life. As an Irishman I have been steeped in Irish folklore from an early age and many tales and stories have been told to me. As my wife and I raised our family of four children I would spend time telling well known tales and creating new tales for them. Now that they have grown up they ask me to tell the stories to their children, while they themselves listen in. It seems my stories have brought some enjoyment to my family and to many friends because they encouraged me to publish a book of short stories. I now have two books of short stories in the pipeline i.e. “Across the Sheugh” and “Tall Tales and Short Stories”. Two more books are in the process of being compiled with the tentative titles of “A Crock of Gold” and “Rare Times”.

“Across the Sheugh” is a book of short stories covering the life of a young Irish boy from age five until age twelve. They are stories filled with happiness, joy, sadness and lessons learned. It describes an Ireland that is now gone, but is remembered with great pleasure.

“Tall Tales and Short Stories” is another book of short stories which include stories of Leprechauns and fairies, magic and mishaps, love and sorrow, ghosts and spirits. It is a book of folklore that, for the most part is the creation of the author.

These books will be available for pre-order and purchase from this site by the end of May 2016. Only the proofs have to be finalised now.

Please read the stories on this blog and let me have your comments. I look forward to reading them all.

Jim Woods



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